Corporate offices and cubicles are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Although they might work for some companies, they can actually be a wasted investment for others. Depending on the structure of your organization, having a private or semi-private coworking space could be the solution for you.

If you want your business to have all the professional amenities of a real leased office space (furniture, office supplies and equipment and more), then a coworking space is an excellent choice. Continue to operate and grow your business without the hassle of a long-term lease and expensive overhead.

What is a private office space?

Like the name suggests, private office spaces are private and are reserved for employees that work for a specific company. They have dedicated workstations, boardrooms and meeting rooms.
In general, private office spaces are rented for longer periods of time. A lot of companies will sign a lease for 1 – 2 years, with a chance to re-sign depending on the company’s needs.

What are the benefits of private offices?

Private offices are a preferable solution for many companies as they come with many benefits. We’ve listed out a few common advantages below.

Fosters collaboration and teamwork

No matter how many Zoom meetings or online socials your organization has, nothing can truly replace face-to-face interactions and communication with coworkers. Whether it’s a simple in-person meeting or a brainstorming session, a real office space allows employees to collaborate.

Instill routine in the workplace

When companies have a specific place that employees can work at, it can create a sense of routine and structure. With this organization and direction set in place, it increases efficiency and makes ongoing tasks more of a habit. As employees accomplish more work-related tasks, they move closer to personal development and company goals – which is a bonus for everyone!

What is a semi-private coworking space?

Over the years, offices have become increasingly flexible, open and modern – and semi-private coworking spaces are no different. Semi-private offices have all the physical qualities of a private office, but offer work space for two or more people.

Toronto semi-private offices are a great option for those that work remotely or in the field. Having an office space that acts as a homebase is a good solution for those that need to meet clients in person or have access to equipment (including desks, printers, wifi and more).

Toronto semi-private coworking office case study

An example of semi-private offices in Toronto is DEF. DEF is an independent software training company that conducts training sessions and seminars on behalf of software companies. A lot of the time, training sessions are held in a variety of different locations in the Ontario region and around the country.
As an independent company, DEF needed an office space in Toronto as its central office so they could meet customers and have someone answer their business calls. After booking a semi-private space through Telsec, DEF started using training and seminar rooms to hold their training sessions.

Even though office spaces have evolved and there’s more flexibility today, having an office headquarters can make all the difference. Telsec’s coworking solutions provide you with all the benefits of a shared workspace, with the additional advantage of getting to work in an ideal location for your business.