Flexible office spaces are taking the world by storm, and it comes with no surprise since it has countless benefits to offer. In this article, we will explore Telsec’s flexible and collaborative workspace options to help you find the best and most efficient workspaces for you and your business.

What is a Flex Office Space?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, every business has had to explore alternate workspaces for their employees. Initially, the only option was to work from home, however, as things started to pick up, companies started exploring alternate open workspace options that can offer workplace flexibility.

So, what are flexible office spaces, you may ask? A Flexible workspace, also known as flex space, is any open workspace where the lease/rental terms are flexible as opposed to the traditional lease terms (Fixed long-term agreement with periodic payments).

Is Flex Office Space Meant for Businesses?

Flexible office spaces are perfect for any business looking for workplace flexibility, and there are multiple reasons to back up that claim. Flexible office spaces, staying true to their name, give any business the flexibility to rent out an office space, for any desirable duration, without committing to a long-term agreement. Moreover, at Telsec, we offer flex spaces with a turnkey experience.

What is a Turnkey Office Space Solution?

A turnkey office space solution is where the office is completely set up and ready for immediate use. Turnkey office solutions give businesses the ease-of-use, eliminating the stress of setting up the office by themselves. The flex office spaces offered by Telsec are set up as modules, so each modular workspace has its own purpose and use.

Flexible Modular Workspaces

Telsec offers flexible office spaces where each room is a module that serves a unique purpose. For example, our flex space modular areas include:

  • Meeting Rooms
  • Boardrooms
  • Training Rooms

All these modular work areas are fully furnished and set up, ready for immediate use.

What do Telsec Flex Office Spaces Include?

Telsec’s office flex space offerings come with all the office requirements and amenities. Below, we’ve underlined all the things that you can enjoy with our flex space.

Multiple Office Rooms: Get access to various office rooms such as Meeting Rooms, Boardrooms, and Training Rooms. All our rooms are fully furnished and ready to use.
Professional Business Address: Get a professional business address in the heart of Toronto’s Financial District. This will give your business a professional presentation, and our on-site experienced office operators will manage your mail and phone calls.
Fully Renovated Facility: All our facilities are beautifully and professionally renovated with high-efficiency HVAC and lighting systems.
High-Speed Internet: All our locations have a high-speed fibre optic internet network, which will deliver faster internet connections than most North American service providers.
Support Staff: All our locations are equipped with support staff. The support staff will provide free and fee-based administrative and business services.
Free and Fee-based Machines: Telsec’s office flex space is equipped with modern office machinery like colour & black-and-white photocopiers, network printers, scanners, fax & shredding machines, and mass mailing machines.
Other Services: Our locations also have private shower facilities, cafe lounges, and training rooms/event spaces. Moreover, for presentation purposes, our rooms are equipped with Smart TV’s of various sizes.

Types of Flexible Workspaces by Telsec

Now that we have gone over the basic overview of flex workspaces and what businesses will gain from using them, let’s look at the different types of flex spaces offered by Telsec.

1. Daily Office Rentals in Toronto

Telsec’s daily office rental service allows businesses and entrepreneurs to rent an office space for the day or even for a half-day. These office spaces are a great cost-effective option, and we also allow our clients to customize these workspaces.

Located in Toronto’s’ financial district, these professional flex workspaces are perfect for entrepreneurs that work from home or businesses that operate virtually. With Telsec, you can easily book daily office rentals for various professional purposes such as meetings, client presentations and pitches, teamwork space, etc.

2. Coworking and Shared Office Collaborative Workspace

Do you work for yourself, but hate working by yourself? Working in isolation can limit creativity and overall productivity. Telsec’s coworking and shared office collaborative workspace options are a great solution for small businesses and freelancers who are looking to transition out of their isolated work environment into a creative workspace.

These coworking and shared workspaces are a great open workspace option where like-minded businesses and individuals can come together in one facility to share resources, create a community, and reduce operating costs.

3. Temporary Office Space Rentals

This Telsec product is great for businesses of all sizes looking to rent out a fully furnished office space, without any long-term lease commitment. The traditional office rental services require you to commit to a long-term lease agreement, and they most of the time come unfurnished and un-serviced.

With Telsec’s temporary offices, you get a fully furnished and serviced office space. Our office spaces are serviced by experienced office space operators. These temporary office spaces can serve many purposes for you and your business while giving you a tonne of flexibility.

So there you have it! Flexible office spaces are a step forward towards efficient office spaces, and with Telsec we assure you to get the best innovative flex office space.

Book a Tour for one of our flex office spaces today, and get to see firsthand how Telsec is revolutionizing the world of efficient office space rentals. Have questions about our rental products? Feel free to browse through our FAQ page or call us today at 416.574.1112 or toll-free at 1.877.705.0707