Whether you’re starting your own business or trying to expand your current small business – networking can be your life support. Networking not only helps propel your business, but it gives you the opportunity to connect with professionals you don’t normally interact with.

Why is networking important?

The trick to effective networking is to be genuine and approachable when speaking to other people. This will help you develop long-lasting relationships which can lead to future opportunities down the road.

To do this successfully, you should be a good listener, be patient and understand the needs of others. Nowadays, social media can be a great way to network virtually – whether it be via LinkedIn, Gmail, Instagram and more. If you’re not sure where to start, your local library will often offer free programs, seminars and workshops – on topics including taxes, digital design, computer basics, franchising and much more. This can be a great opportunity to meet other professionals and small business owners who might be looking for your exact product or service.

The 3 P’s of networking

Networking doesn’t always come naturally to many people. However, there are some tips you can apply when talking to new people in a professional setting. Keep these 3 P’s in mind; be prepared, purposeful and present.

Be prepared

This advice can seem obvious, but showing up prepared can make a world of difference. The night before your training or seminar, prepare some questions ahead of time or research any materials or people you may know that are going. This helps give you context and can push conversations forward.

Be purposeful

When attending or creating a seminar, make sure you know the why or purpose behind why you’re going. If you don’t have a clear intention, it can come off as inauthentic. Ask yourself, what is my purpose for this event?

Be present

The first part of networking is showing up and being present. Whether you’re presenting a seminar or learning from someone else, make sure you’re paying attention. Being present can also mean setting up your LinkedIn profile or making sure it’s up-to-date with relevant experience, education and photos.

How do seminar and training rooms facilitate networking?

If you’re an employer looking to train a bigger group of people, a seminar or training room rental is a great option. Not only can you bulk train or educate employees or other professionals, but it gives your audience and yourself the chance to mingle and chat after the teachings.
Seminar and training rooms offer tons of benefits including:

  • Affordable rental options
  • Convenient locations around your city or town
  • Designed for training
  • Professional equipment and amenities

How to create your own seminar

Seminars and workshops are a great way to share your knowledge and expertise while connecting with your audience – both online and in-person. When creating a powerful seminar, always make sure to think of who’s engaging with it and how you can bring them value. Here are a few things to consider when creating a seminar:

  • Choose the right platform (Zoom, GoogleMeet, Teams or in-person)
  • Craft your materials ahead and come prepared
  • Engage your audience with a funny story or anecdote
  • Prepare a list of interactive questions

Where to host your seminar and training sessions

Next, you’ll want to choose a functional and spacious location to hold your seminar. A seminar or training room offers professionals a change of scenery while remaining professional. Going to an offsite location can also spark excitement and creativity.

An ideal location to hold a seminar or training session in an office space you can rent for the day. Virtual offices provide you with professional services and amenities so you and your audience are comfortable. Before you book a training room in Toronto, make a checklist of all the equipment and things you may need.

Seminar and training sessions are ideal for business-to-business networking when participants are from a variety of industries. The networking portion of your session can be less effective for gaining business if the participants come from direct competitors or those offering similar products or services as your business. It’s best to market your session outside of your own industry and target those who will most benefit from what you offer.

Key takeaways

A seminar or office training room is a space that you can rent to train or educate employees or professionals on a specific subject. Hosting seminars is a great way to network outside of your regular sphere of connections

At Telsec, you can rent a professional training and seminar room so you can speak to others in different industries. For more information about our seminar and training rooms, get in touch with us and book a tour!