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Having a business address is very import for the image of your small business. We have put together these few tips to get you thinking about some of the things to consider when looking for a business address.

Tip 1 – Choose the type of office space that best suits your budget. If you can get an interior office for much less than a window office, save the money. At Telsec, we have a variety of different offices and different office-space plans to fit our tenants’ budgets. You may want consider a semi-private or shared office space to save even more money.

Tip 2 – Get the most prestigious business address that fits your budget. Having a good business address will show your customers that you truly mean business. Telsec is located at 1 Yonge Street, which is also home to the Toronto Star and is at the beginning of the the world’s longest street.

Tip 3 – Never run your business from a P.O. Box address. Nothing makes customers more hesitant about doing business with you than to see a P.O. Box as your address. It makes them wonder if you will be around tomorrow. A Toronto virtual office is always a better solution and the address looks more professional when your customers notice on google maps that it is an office building and not a Post Office Box.

Tip 4 – Visit the office space before you choose. Ask for a tour of the office and make sure that it fits the image you want to put forward to your customers. Is the staff friendly and helpful, or did they come across pushy and just try to get you to sign up? Furthermore, how will they treat your customers when they come to visit you?

Tip 5 – Avoid being at the MOST prestigious business address. If your customers see your business address is at the most expensive building in the city, they may back away because they feel you will be more expensive than your competition.

For more information about choosing an office space, read this blog: Choosing an office for rent Toronto.

Telsec is currently running a contest to give away 3 Android Tablets. Here is how you can enter
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Important rules

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Contest Closes December 19, 2013. The winners will be selected at the end of that day.