In business, there are two basic ways to improve your bottom line: Increase sales or reduce costs. For many companies, because of the current global recession, increasing sales is becoming more and more difficult. Therefore, these companies are looking for innovative ways to reduce expenses. One way popular way is to have a Toronto virtual office that incorporates Toronto telephone answering service and Toronto mail service – two basic components of any traditional physical Toronto professional office space. These are some of the best Toronto virtual office options.

The cost savings of having a Toronto virtual office are self-evident – no physical space rented so there is no monthly invoice. Choosing the best Toronto virtual office options will save you literally thousands of dollars over the course of a fiscal year. But the absolute ideal scenario (especially if you need to meet with clients face to face occasionally) is also to have use of the physical facilities and amenities in the same building where your Toronto virtual office is located.

These additional amenities could include the use of meeting rooms and boardrooms, high-speed internet, video conferencing and teleconferencing, colour and B&W photocopiers and printing services, etc. as well as perks such as coffee, tea and filtered water. There are many Toronto virtual offices out there located within upscale buildings that offer some of the best Toronto virtual office options. These normally include Toronto telephone answering service and Toronto mail service.

Perception is everything, especially in business. So imagine having the luxury of directing all your business (or personal) mail to one convenient, prestigious downtown Toronto location! The best Toronto virtual office options also provide you with outgoing mail service as well as the re-directing of mail and incoming faxes to a location (your home?) of your choice. And, you can go to the next Toronto virtual office level by including professional, personalized telephone answering with incoming calls handled according to your specific instructions. You can also add 24-hour voice mail service if you like.

Bottom line: A professional Toronto virtual office set-up in an upscale downtown building that also offers Toronto mail service and Toronto telephone answering service (as well as use of its physical facilities and services when needed) is the best choice when searching for the most cost-effective and the best Toronto virtual office options. You’ll be viewed as professional, you’ll sound professional, and you’ll only pay for the services you need. No wonder companies are now choosing a virtual office Toronto.