humanize-social-mediaFar too often companies who are using their social media channels as another avenue to promote themselves forget that the people and business owners who are reading and following them are actual human beings. Social media posters need to understand what the content being provided means to their audience as a person or business entity without being talked down to. People follow your content, not your machines.

We came up with a few quick tips that will help you create better content based on what your followers want to read

  • Give your followers a reason to follow you in the first place. Are you covering the topics they want to hear?
  • Create the content with your audience in mind. Did you create it for you or them?
  • Your social media interactions should be a two-way conversation. Are you listening to your followers’ feedback?
  • Read what others in your industry are writing. Is someone saying something that you can learn from?
  • Avoid the hard sell. Are you social media interactions just about your product or do you try to contribute more for your followers?
  • Don’t bore your followers. Are your postings dry and full of just facts, or do they keep people interested?
  • Acknowledge your followers. Have you mentioned some of your followers’ postings that may interest others?
  • Keep fans loyal. Do you have super fans following you and have you rewarded them recently?

Try asking other people within your own organization to contribute ideas, content and feedback on what you are sharing on your social channels. This strategy will help improve how it is seen by your followers. If you do not have others in your organization who can help you, then look to family members and friends for help keeping your social interactions online more “human-friendly.”

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