As we have been talking about the new VoIP service that Telsec is about to introduce, more and more questions from our office space for lease Toronto tenants and prospective office space Toronto clients have started to hit our office space coordinator’s desk. It seems that companies are not only interested in finding out how this new VoIP technology will save them on their telecommunication costs, but they are more interested in the added features and benefits this new flexible phone service will bring to their office space rental Toronto at Telsec.

One of the first questions that some office space for rent tenants are asking is “can I keep my same phone number?” The answer is yes! The technical team at Telcec can easily switch your phone number from our legacy phone system to the new phone system without any interruption in service. This also applies to companies who are looking at moving their office to Telsec’s downtown Toronto office space. Their existing telephone lines can be easily configured to ring through the system and be answered by a live receptionist (during regular business hours) and routed directly to voice mail or the VoIP phone set after hours. You can also set your out-of-office status through the application on the phone set without having to contact the receptionist.

If the Telsec client has several employees, they would simply dial the extension to speak with one another from anywhere – regardless if they are located in the same office space across the hall or even if they are located in another office space across the country. They can communicate with local or remote employees by simply dialing their 4-digit telephone extension. This can also be beneficial when transferring calls from one person to another or even to set up inter-office conference calls with outside parties.

For tenants who do not have an office space in Vancouver or Montreal, there is an a telephone number that has a specific area code other than the Toronto area code. There is also the option of being assigned a 1-800 telephone number. In other words, a Telsec office space Toronto tenant could also have have several lines set up without having to have multiple offices in different cities across the country, but still have local telephone numbers for those cities. A customer in Calgary could call a 403 area code phone number that is answered in Toronto by a professional receptionist and then forwarded to person who handles the company’s Calgary customers – even if that employee is located in Edmonton or Vancouver!

Because the VoIP telephone set works from an Internet connection, the person who has the telephone can also check e-mails, transfer voice-mail to e-mail, and transfer faxes to e-mail, so they can be retrieved on on a pc, laptop, smartphone or the VoIP phone itself.

So, while the VoIP virtual office service is being promoted as a virtual office plan, it is truly for any small to medium-sized businesses that want a Toronto virtual office or a physical Toronto office space.

To read more about the Mitel 5330e IP phone that Telsec is using for its VoIP cleints, read the blog from last week called “Telsec’s VoIP Virtual Office Solution comes with Telephone Hardware

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