There Should be a Canada’s Best Restroom Award for Canada’s Best Office Space Restroom

August 17th, 2012|Comments Off on There Should be a Canada’s Best Restroom Award for Canada’s Best Office Space Restroom

For the past three years Cintas has scoured Canadian restaurants and public facilities for its Best Restroom award, but they have not searched out Canada’s Best office space Restroom. You would be surprised how many elegant restrooms that can be found in some office spaces. Telsec Business Centres Inc. has some of the nicest and greenest restrooms in Toronto, but not just compared to other office spaces. A few years ago the office space Toronto restrooms at Telsec underwent a major renovation that not only beautified them, but it also included some green features. The lighting was changed to more efficient fixtures and bulbs, but it was also made softer and more relaxing. The sinks were replaced with a single glass shelf that stretched the length of the restroom and the entire wall. Over the sink area are two large mirrors that fill most of the wall. The faucets are […]

Having An Office Space near Toronto’s Port Lands is becoming popular

May 7th, 2012|Comments Off on Having An Office Space near Toronto’s Port Lands is becoming popular

While Toronto’s Harbourfront has been developing for many years, it has only been in the past few years that developers have started looking at the Eastern Port Lands. It began when Toronto Port Lands Company (TPLC) decided to develop the first building directly on Toronto’s waterfront to achieve LEED certification. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification consists of a suite of rating systems for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings, homes and neighborhoods. The new building was to house the radio and television studios and office space Toronto for primary tenant Corus Entertainment. Right next to Corus building, TPLC is constructing a new campus for George Brown College. Another Port Lands office space development is set to break ground this summer. The primary tenant has still not been announced. Most suspect that it will be a company looking for a building with not only the cool address, […]

Being Green-Friendly at Work

November 7th, 2011|Comments Off on Being Green-Friendly at Work

Regardless of what type of business you run, there are many simple and easy things you can do to make your business green-friendly. What most business people do not realize is, operating a green-friendly business is not only good for the environment but good for your business’s bottom line. Conserving resources and cutting down on waste saves money that could be put to better use Becoming green-friendly goes beyond the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) But they are a great place to start. Some simple things can make your business more green-friendly are: If you are not using it, turn it off! – Turning off office equipment does not only reduce the energy usage, it will extend the life of the equipment. Get rid of that old computer or monitor – Recycle old energy wasting pieces of equipment and replace them with low energy models. Don’t print off every email […]

Green Friendly Office Space Toronto

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Why should your company or organization consider renting a green friendly office space? Because it is good for the environment? Because it is good for your businesses bottom line? Because you can show your clients that you care about being green? Or is it all of the above? Being an eco friendly office is more far-reaching than most other office environments, having a green friendly office space Toronto helps to preserve this planet we live on. Being a green friendly office does not just mean recycling, it also means reducing consumption of natural resources like water. Having a touchless faucet that control the flow and motion detectors that start and stop the flow of water not only saves on water consumption, but the flow of the water can charge the battery of the electronic controls. You might be wondering how being a green friendly office space in Toronto can help […]

Finding Green Office Space Toronto

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In today’s business environment many companies are seeking green friendly products and services to not only show their customers that they are doing their part for the environment, but also to save money. Many companies make an effort of finding green office space Toronto. They want office space Toronto that is environmentally friendly or Toronto office space that takes steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Finding green office space Toronto does not always require looking at brand new buildings that were specifically built to be green, many owners of older building have spent millions of dollars retrofitting the existing buildings to comply with modern green standards and environmentally sustainable practices. In some cases the retrofitting of an existing structure can have less impact on the environment than the construction of new building that is designed to be green. Some older buildings have installed rooftop gardens and grass while others have changed all of their lighting ballasts and lighting […]

Travel to you office by green transportation

October 13th, 2009|Comments Off on Travel to you office by green transportation

Do you travel to you office by green transportation? Have you ever truly wanted to travel to your downtown Toronto office by the ultimate green transportation? While taking public transit is green, bicycling to the office is the truly green way to get to your office. Some downtown office spaces can offer you, but only Telsec Toronto office space can offer a major bicycle route like the Martin Goodman Trail just outside the front door-a bicycle route like no other, an asphalt mostly off-road trail.  The Martin Goodman Trail is part of the 730 kilometre Waterfront Trail that connects 41 communities from Niagara to Quebec along the Canadian Shores of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. It was named in memory of the former President and Editor-in-Chief of the Toronto Star who passed away in 1981. How fitting that Telsec is located in the Toronto Star Building at 1 […]

Small Businesses Leads the Road to Recovery

June 4th, 2009|Comments Off on Small Businesses Leads the Road to Recovery

While this current ecomonic crisis is still not showing signs of ending for many large corporations, it is small businesses that are leading the comeback.