Recently, one of our regular blog contributors (who is also our office photographer, Ian) was in the 18th-floor kitchen of our Toronto office space when one of our office-space coordinators asked him if he had his camera with him. It seems they wanted him to take some photos of office 43. What was so important about this office? Well, office 43 is a large office that can accommodate up to 5 or even 6 people depending on how it is configured. It has 3 windows with a breathtaking view of the Toronto Islands (and Lake Ontario), it has a window to the hallway (instead of a wall), and it is one of largest single offices at Telsec (outside of the larger team-space offices that can accommodate up to 30 people). But why is it important to get photos of this office and its view? Simply put, this office does not become or stay vacant very long. In the past, the tenants who rent it usually remain for several years. The last time office 43 became vacant, a new tenant moved in the very next day and there was not a chance to take new photos of the office!

So, armed only with his cellphone camera, our intrepid, official office-space photographer Ian took a few photos of the office and the amazing view to post on our social media channels, as well as his own Facebook account. Within a short while of posting these photos, comments and likes started coming in. It became clear that this office space and the stunning view was popular on social media. The next day Ian came back with his DSLR camera to shoot higher-resolution photos of the office, but was delayed gaining access to office 43 because a number of prospective office space for lease tenants were looking at the office as a small team space locstion. When Ian was finally able to have the office to himself, he started to set up his camera only to find that he did not have an SD memory card in ita. Ian will be returning on Thursday to try to get better quality photos of this amazing office for rent that does not stay vacant long.

Ian (who  is also a Toronto office rental client) has mentioned that he finds it interesting that the two office for lease suites that he most needs to get new updated photos of, are the two offices that are rarely vacant and even then get snapped up within days of the current tenant giving their notice.

Ian came up with an idea to ask our followers to send us photos of their favorite office space wherever their office is located. While this is not a contest, this could be your way of entering our current contest (How you can have a Chance at Winning $100 BonAppetit Gift Card and more) by posting the photos as comments to our blog or to our Google Plus page. We just want to see what you like most about your office space.