Meeting Room

Impress you clients with a comfortable, high-tech professional meeting room in an office business centre.

Meeting customers in person can often make or break a sale. Having the right meeting space and location are key to having a successful meeting. But there are some things you should consider when setting up a meeting with a customer. Here are some small business meeting tips:

Tip No. 1 – Be Prepared! Make sure the meeting place has all the amenities you need for a successful presentation. Does it have whiteboards and Internet connections? Telsec has 7 boardrooms that seat 4 to 10 people. Each boardroom has whiteboards, flipcharts and TV/DVD/VCRs, as well as an available LCD projector, high-speed Internet service, and conference speaker phones.

Tip No. 2 – Don’t hold business meetings with new customers in a coffee shop. Not meeting in a professional space for your first meeting, gives the impression of being unprofessional. Many office business centres will rent you a boardroom, even if you do not have an office space or a virtual office with them. Telsec office tenants enjoy free meeting room access and virtual office clients are extended a discount on rentals. Our non-clients prices are very good value as well.

Tip No. 3 – Book the room before you book the meeting. Make sure that you have a boardroom booked for the date and time you need it, before telling your customers that you can meet them at that location and time. If the boardroom you want is not available, it looks unprofessional to change the date and location then tell  your customer. You will also want to call the day of your meeting to confirm with the person who you booked it with. Plan to show up early to make sure the room is ready.

Tip No. 4 – Impress them before the meeting starts. Having the boardroom set up for your presentation before the client arrives and having them greeted by a professional receptionist, who calls you to tell you they have arrive, will impress them. When the parties you are meeting with arrive at the Telsec reception desk, the receptionist will call you to let you know to come and greet them before you escort them to the meeting room you have booked.

Tip No. 5 – Have something to offer them when they arrive. Having coffee, tea and maybe a light snack ready will tell them you are prepared to get down to business without delay. At Telsec coffee, tea and filtered water are free. It’s self-serve, so you just need to visit one of our two kitchens on the 18th or 19th floor. We can also help you arrange catering if your meeting is a breakfast or lunch affair.

For more information about choosing a an office space, read this blog. Link to previous blog about meeting rooms.

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